Student Grant Award Conditions

2022 Grant Program is Now Closed

We would like to thank all of the students who applied for our current grant cycle.

Explore the pages in this section for eligibility, application instructions, and further information.

Use of Funds

A grant award from the Evolving Earth Foundation is a contribution to the scientific and academic program of the institution receiving the grant. Grant funds are to be used solely for the support of the work described in the grant application approved by the authorized agent of the institution. Funds are not to be redirected to activities that are outside the scope of the grant application, nor are they to be used for cameras, computers, graphics tablets or other equipment not listed in the original budget unless prior approval is received from the foundation.


Changes in Scope

It is understood that research is unpredictable and may require adaptations in order to complete the project. The principal investigator has the discretion to make changes in the emphasis or direction of the research as long as these changes are within the overall scope of the grant application. If significant changes to the research direction are needed, prior written approval from the foundation must be obtained.



At a minimum, progress reports are due by May 1st of each year until the grant funds have been fully expended or until the project has reached its conclusion. Within 60 days of the completion of grant-funded activities, a final report is to be completed and sent to the Evolving Earth Foundation. The final report should evaluate the success of the project and include an itemized accounting showing how the grant funds were spent. If there are unused grant funds in excess of $100, all remaining funds from the grant award are to be returned to the foundation.



If at any time it is determined that the project can not be completed as described in the grant proposal, the Evolving Earth Foundation shall be promptly notified. The grantee shall provide the foundation with a full accounting of the expenditure of grant funds to date, and any unused funds shall be promptly returned to the foundation unless the foundation and the grantee agree otherwise in writing.



The principal investigator is strongly encouraged to publish the findings of his or her research in the appropriate scientific journals, acknowledging the support of the Evolving Earth Foundation and other donors. It is requested that reprints of any publications resulting from the research be sent to the foundation.