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Announcing 2021 Student Grant Awards

Our 2021 grant cycle is complete, congratulations to the following grant award recipients:

Elliott Armour Smith

University of Washington
“Do rare earth elements record an ontogenetic signal in vertebrate fossils?”


Christopher Conwell

Ohio State University
“Caledonian arc-continent collision as a driver of the Ordovician greenhouse-icehouse transition”


Tanner Frank

University of California, Berkeley
“Arthropods from a new Devonian lagerstätte open a new window into early freshwater ecosystems”


Danielle Gygi

Baylor University
“Early Paleocene plant community and paleoclimate reconstruction of the Nacimiento Formation from the San Juan Basin, New Mexico”


Ashley Hamersma

University of Florida
“Characterization of two late-Paleogene to early-Neogene Transitional floras in southwestern Montana”


Samuel Muteti

University of Minnesota
“Paleoenvironmental context of middle Miocene ape evolution in western Kenya”


Sinjini Sinha

University of Texas
“Assessing the impact of ocean acidification on the paleoecology of marine communities through the extinction events in the Early Jurassic of Morocco”


Zack Stevens

Central Washington University
“Constraining the rock type controls on geophysical properties in the subsurface near Ellensburg, Washington”


Saray Valdez Hernandez

Oregon State University
“Investigating the cause of ice-age terminations of the last 1.1 Myr by oceanic warming”


Stephanie Zaborac-Reed

University of Alaska, Fairbanks
“Filling in the gaps: evaluating a Miocene Beluga Formation flora near Anchor Point, Kenai Lowland, Alaska”