Twin Falls, Idaho, United States - Photo by T. A. Dillhoff

Announcing 2020 Student Grant Awards

Our 2020 grant cycle is completed, congratulations to the following grant award recipients:

Tristan Bench

University of Washington

“Assessing chronometric luminescence depth profiling with controlled exposure experiments”


Maya Bickner

Chicago Botanic Garden

“New Early Cretaceous disseminules from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, China expand the diversity of seed plants”


Vincent Clementi

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

“Evaluating the contributions of Chilean Margin methane clathrates to abrupt climate warming during the late Quaternary”


Erin Donaghy

Purdue University

“The role of Cenozoic oceanic plateau collision in the tectonic growth of western North America: geologic connections between Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and the Yellowstone Hotspot”


Stacey Edmonsond

Princeton University

“How do ancient carbonate slopes record paleoclimate?”


Kiersten Formoso

University of Southern California

“Controls of existing locomotor functions on major evolutionary transitions: a comprehensive study using secondarily aquatic amniotes”

Indah Huegele

University of Florida

“Investigating the diversity of extinct plane trees (Platanaceae) in Eurasia and North America”


Levente Laisz

Loma Linda University

“Chronostratigraphic reconstruction of a Miocene fossiliferous lake basin in the Funeral Mountains and Amargosa Valley, California and Nevada”


Emily Lessner

University of Missouri

“Diversity and evolution of the reptilian trigeminal sensory system”


Rachel Surprenant

University of California, Riverside

“Insights into a successful Ediacaran morphotype through an undescribed by abundant tubular organism from the Ediacara Member, South Australia”