Announcing 2018 Student Grant Awards

Our 2018 grant cycle is completed, congratulations to the following grant award recipients:

Charles Beightol

University of Washington

“Was Dimetrodon “warm-blooded”? Determining Dimetrodon’s operating body temperature by assessing its teeth with the clumped-isotope paleothermometer”


Alexandria Brannick

University of Washington

“Nestled among dinosaurs eggs: new Alphadon specimens from Egg Mountain and their implication for metatherian evolution”


Richard Brydon

Miami University

”Continental crust formation: application of the zircon toolbox to unravelling the petrogenetic history of rift-related granites”


Emily Cahoon

Portland State University

“Picture Gorge Basalt: Re-examining extent, geochemistry, and geochronology”


Elizabeth Kimberly

Western Washington University

“Testing the potential for using structure-from-motion photogrammetric surveys to track glacier mass balance and meltwater discharge on the Easton Glacier, Mt. Baker, USA”


Rebekah Rhodes

North Carolina State University

“Temporal record of temperature, seasonality, and ecological variation of the North American continental interior during the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum using carbonate clumped isotope geochemistry and phytolith assemblages”


MacKenzie Smith

University of Florida

“Old plants address new questions: Pollen and macrofossils from the Eocene Clarno Formation of Oregon”


Kirk Townsend

University of Michigan

”Spatial and temporal variability of exhumation rates within the Western Transverse Ranges, Southern California”


David Zakharov

University of Oregon

“Chemical and isotopic composition of seawater in the pre-Great Oxidation Ocean Event as recorded by remarkably well-preserved 2.44 Ga hydrothermally altered basalts”