Richard Dillhoff – Chairman

Curatorial associate of Paleobotany at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington. My research focuses on understanding Cenozoic forest communities of Northwest North America and their implications for past climate and environments. Member of the Geological Society of America, Botanical Society of America and International Organization of Paleobotany. BA and MBA, University of Washington. General earth science interests include mineralogy, geology and paleontology.

Recent Publications

Dillhoff RM, Dillhoff TA and Mustoe GA 2007 Floristic evidence for contrasting paleo-environments in the Early Eocene of Washington State GSA Cordilleran Section – 103rd annual meeting Paper # 20-3

Pigg, KB, Dillhoff RM, DeVore ML and Wehr WC 2007 New diversity among the Trochodendraceae from the Early/Middle Eocene Okanogan Highlands of British Columbia, Canada and northeastern Washington state, United States International Journal of Plant Sciences 168:521-532

Dillhoff RM, EB Leopold, SR Manchester 2005 The Middle Eocene McAbee Flora, Cache Creek, British Columbia Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 42:151-166

Denk T, Dillhoff RM 2005 Ulmus leaves and fruits from the Early-Middle Eocene of northwestern North America: systematics and implications for character evolution within Ulmaceae Canadian Journal of Botany 83:1663-1681

Manchester SR, Dillhoff RM 2004 Fagus (Fagaceae) fruits, foliage and pollen from the middle Eocene of Pacific Northwestern North America Canadian Journal of Botany 82:1509-1517