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Kristallkluft Gerstenegg, near Grimsel Pass, Switzerland
View inside the Kristallkluft Gerstenegg, an alpine crystal cleft discovered in 1974 during the construction of a pumped storage hydroelectric facility near Grimsel Pass, Switzerland. Smoky quartz with pink fluorite, average quartz crystal 12 inches long. Preserved by Kraftwerke Oberhasli (KWO) with the assistance of local strahler, Ernst Rufibach.

2017 Grant Program

Our 2017 student grant program is now open. View our grants page for eligibility, application instructions, and further information. Please note that we will be accepting either paper or electronic submissions for the 2017 grant cycle. Full instructions are available on our grants page. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2017.

Research on Fossil Woods of Eastern Washington

Enjoy our latest section on Fossil Woods of Eastern Washington. The research is divided into three parts that can be downloaded with full images and descriptions.

Fossil plants of the Middle Eocene McAbee flora database

Visit our image database to compare and study specimens of the Middle Eocene McAbee flora located near Cache Creek, British Columbia.

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